Get Up Get Out | Whitewater rafting


The CBS21 News morning team took on the rapids of the Lehigh River, and boy was it a trip.

“A lot of people think, oh you need to go out to Colorado, or Washington to get that whitewater rush, but there’s some awesome rapids right here on the Lehigh, right in our backyard in the Poconos," said River Guide Abigail Sekely.

It just so happens, the morning team was craving a little rush. So, for this Get Up Get Out, my photographer Gary and I were joined by Sherry Christian, Steve Knight and our Producer Ashlin to tackle the rapids of the Lehigh.

“Every class increases in difficulty is what it is. So, it starts out class 0-1 is basically a flat running stream and then you have class 5 which has waterfalls," said Sekely.

We decided to take it slow, for a change, and stick with the company's 'family style' run, which features rapids only up to a class two. But, that's not to say we did so gracefully.

When we weren't splashing, or navigating, we were floating - soaking in all the Poconos have to offer.

"You just hear the rapids and you hear the wind rustling through the trees- it’s just beautiful," said Sekely. "It’s the ultimate way to relax and spend time in nature!"

Turns out, Pocono Whitewater is one of the largest commercial rafting companies in the country. And, it's no wonder why thousands of families and friends-like-family, like us, come out each season for a taste of the good old outdoors.

“You don’t need to be on your phone. It’s just all about experience and living in the moment and that’s my favorite thing about Whitewater," said Sekely.

If you're looking for a little more intensity in your adventure, Pocono Whitewater also offers a dam release-controlled 12-mile run that features class two and three rapids.

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