Crash simulation warns students of distracted driving dangers

mock crash simulations.JPG
CBS 21

High school students in York County were shown up close and personal the dangers of distracted driving following a tragedy that hit close to home.

On Tuesday afternoon, local firefighters from Jackson Township and Nashville brought four vehicles to the school's parking lot to simulate serious car crashes. Each vehicle was simulated as if a patient needed to be extricated.

"These are all things we have seen or actually had to deal with in real life settings," Chief Bradley Dunham said.

Organized by the school's Students Against Destructive Decisions club, or SADD, the activities throughout the day allowed students to see how firefighters respond to crashes that could have been a result of distracted driving.

"We see so many crashes that could have been prevented if people would have expressed a little more attentive driving," Dunham said.

Last year, 17-year-old Ashlyn Stambaugh was killed in a crash that her parents believe may have happened as a result of texting. Her parents told CBS 21 last year they hope their daughter's death serves as a warning to others about the impacts of texting and driving. Stambaugh would have graduated from Spring Grove High School this year.

Some students like Alara Powell, a member of SADD, said she has seen so many people distracted behind the wheel.

"It makes me mad because it's like, that can wait," Powell said. "Put your phone inside. Pay attention to what you're doing."

The safety day is an annual event held by SADD to remind students about the dangers of distracted driving.