The culture of our kids and where adults need to take a stand

We read, hear, and see on TV almost every day, another devastating situation or arrest for the dangerous decisions and illegal conduct, dealing with drugs, alcohol, or sex, of far too many of our young people.

Is there anything we can really do as individuals and as a society that might be more successful in, hopefully, reversing this most destructive path, that only leads to complete failure in life, or even death?

The loss of what we believe is still our goals of developing mentally stable human beings and our hopes for future generations.

As just one example of the complete downfall of any responsible thinking and being totally out of control, two young men of the four were already convicted of brutally gang raping an unconscious co-ed at Vanderbilt University in front of other students (who did nothing but stand around and watch with admiration), taking videos of it, everyone laughing, and then in court, instead of the pleading guilty and accepting some personal responsibility, having any remorse, and never apologizing to the girl, and her family, their defense was "Hey, don't blame us, it was the culture on this campus and other campuses."

They actually thought in their developed warped minds, that this was an honorable defense for their own disturbing actions. So, we see very bad decisions by young people in our primary schools and then in college or in the everyday world, and we also see the increasing twisted thinking, that even when very bad decisions are made, not accepting personal responsibility for one's own actions.

So, what can we all try to do for the future of our most precious gifts, our kids!

It starts at home, not when kids start first grade, but even before that, and it is an ongoing job of parents, teachers and all people having some contact with kids until they are adults.

Parents cannot be sideline players, they cannot be the last ones to know, and they must develop real communication with their kids from the very beginning.

Where kids do not have the structure needed at home, then the extended family must get involved, and our social service agencies must begin to do a better job of overseeing these kids.

The schools and the teachers cannot do this alone. That very bad behavior towards others, the feeling of entitlement, and lack of any personal responsibility in colleges, did not begin when they got to college or when they enter the work world, it began much earlier.

In most all cases, by the time these matters get to juvenile or adult court, it is much too late.

I am not asking parents to run a military camp, but love your kids enough to not always be their friends.

When they screw-up, use that as a real learning experience or a major wake-up call: Stop being afraid to confront your kids, enough with always giving them "their space."

Support, rather than always fight and question the teachers and the police. The basic classroom courses are certainly essential, but, just as important, is teaching our kids to be good citizens, caring people, and respect for themselves and others.

If we don't, we all lose!


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