Standing up against racism in America

First we see at a prominent University, UCLA, showing outright anti-Semitism towards a coed applying for the student government judicial court.

Some students said very bluntly directly to her in an interview that she does not fit in because she is Jewish, with no concern what others might think, or for her feelings as an American.

Telling her that being Jewish she cannot be fair. Other students condemned it, but how many other students felt the same way, but did not verbalize it? Outrageous in 2015.

Then at UC Davis in California, the students voted to remove our American flag from the campus main hall, as they felt it was not inclusive of other students from other countries. I could not believe it!

What happened to patriotism, pride in our country, what about the men and women who fought for this flag and died or are maimed for life, mentally and physically?

The first thing we planted on the moon was our American flag. Those students came to America because we have the greatest colleges on the planet. They are happy to be here. Just treat them well, and let our flag waive in their faces.

Just by being here in America they feel honored. Then we see at Oklahoma University, the well-known and established [Sigma Alpha Epsilon] Fraternity chapter there do a vicious and vile video saying, "No 'n-words' will ever get into their fraternity,' SAE!

And they said sang a lot more racist remarks, I can't even say the words.

There is now a social media site on college campuses throughout the country, which allows students to be anonymous and there are thousands of racist and anti-Semitic comments on this site alone.

These are just a few of the latest known instances. Much more is happening like this, but under the radar.

Where does this lack of patriotism and open prejudice have its roots? Is it from their parents? Is it from other like-minded students? Is it from world events, that these students have twisted it into prejudice against others? Has their love of this country been lost in their hearts and minds? Have we as a society failed them?

I thought we had made much more headway with those coming up the ranks, and it was possibly their parents or adult friends who were stuck in their ways, but that the next generation would not think like that and we would eventually become the America most of us want to see -- love our country, be proud of our flag waiving, sing the star spangled banner with pride, look at all minorities as equals and with respect for their color or religion, and not be afraid to stand-up and be counted when anyone acts badly towards others who are of different faiths or no faiths, or if anyone disrespects our flag or our nation,

I really think the next generation and the one after that in America will be much more tolerant of others, and will be proud of America.

Yes, some misguided misfits will slip through the cracks, and maintain hate in their hearts and minds, but they will then be the minority in America.

However, we must confront these issues and these people with warped ideas right now, and let it be known to them directly that they are the outcasts and that they will not be the bullies of others.

Expel them from colleges, make them the ones that are out of sync with society and that if they don't change their ways, their own paths to any success will be prevented.

We cannot give these prejudice people pass for their actions, and they must be dealt with by their fellow students.

Whenever we see this, all of us must reject it. When blacks are being treated badly because of their color, we must speak out.

Do not be afraid to be heard. When Jewish people are violated only because of their faith, we must all fight for them.

Insist on justice and a level playing field for all as you might be next.

We have terrorists and violent criminals who want us all dead, and we Americans must stick together (all of us) to fight those who would destroy our way of life.

Adults, if you want your kids to function well when they become adults in America, do not place your prejudices in them. Put away all those now outdated and disgusting prejudices, and your children will not have these prejudices placed in their hearts or minds.

If they learn that from others, immediately show them they are wrong, just like you do with them when they do wrong.

Raise your kids to compete and work in a world filled with all kind of people and to respect others.

If not, you are doing them a great disservice.

You are setting them up for failure in the society that they will enter.

You would not raise your children to be criminals, and you would be at great fault to raise them to be prejudice, as they will be left by the wayside and they will be the ones who will not fit in.


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