Are the race riots in Baltimore and other cities just the beginning?

Are the race riots in Baltimore and in other cities just the beginning?

I do not know.

However, we must begin immediately, like now, in every city in America, particularly in inner cities, to gather the honorable leaders of the black community, with the city officials, police and fire, and other major officials to have ongoing, honest meetings to discuss any issues that people think exist.

We also must include student representatives from our schools, middle and high schools, along with school superintendents and principals, have open meetings, and see where the tensions truly exist and then try and develop ongoing communication regarding those issues.

Yes, there will always be some people who have their own negative agendas and want to become spokespersons and have their own personal goals, and want to just cause trouble, but we must not let those few, who are not interested in "building positive bridges," prevent us from moving forward.

Let all parents, black and white, be like the mother in Baltimore who went right into the riots in Baltimore and got her son and hit him and took him out of there.

And where family structures do not exist let other dads and moms get involved and attempt to go down and get those kids and take them out of the situation.

Whether we like it or not, none of us can just sit on the sidelines and just watch. If we can, we too must be willing to get involved and stand-up and be counted, and not be afraid.

When good people stand back, those who want this kind of tension and rioting to continue, and for hate to fester, they will be more powerful.

However, if we are not willing to say no, and are not willing to help, and be strong and not be afraid of the bad elements or bad leaders who incite violence, and we stand-up to them, we can push back.

Also, if there are problems we can try and be part of the solutions.

Not like a recent Pennsylvania legislator, who unfairly spoke out and said, "President Obama is responsible for what is happening in Baltimore and other places."

We must be willing to respond to that kind of irresponsible talk.

It is the old saying, "when good people stand back, for whatever reason, the evil and disruptive leaders will become stronger. We cannot put our heads in the sand, and expect the problems to just fade away."

The question is: Are we willing to stand-up and be counted even if it means that we will receive ugly comments from those who want to do become the "leaders of improper actions?'

I have and will continue to stand-up and be counted. I will take the inevitable abuse that comes from that.

The world we all want is much more important than the slings and arrows people will throw at you for standing tall for what is right! Think about it.


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