Women at Work | Dish Works makes necessary adjustment working from home
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Behind the scenes, the operation is running a little differently for the team at Dish Works.

The team is creating mouth watering food and drink content for big name brands, that you'll find on your social media and television.

I caught up with the fearless leader of Dish Works, the vivacious, Mary Bigham.

"I really think Mary has taken what the pandemic has thrown at all of us and revolutionized the way Dish [Works] operates," said Olivia Willard, a video editor for Dish Works.

When it comes to working under high pressure, Bigham says her team of 20 can certainly handle it.

"We kind of joke that we're on an episode of Chopped almost everyday," Bigham said. "So, I think this is just like next level Chopped, where we're all safe, we're all home, we're all doing things that we love, and we're all still in this together."

While her team has been adjusting to working from home and taking on new skill sets, Bigham said some ingredients have been tough to find during the pandemic.

And while fresh, bright recipes are the go-to spring dish, Bigham says people staying home are now looking for comfort foods, typically served in the fall.

But, whatever you're craving, the team at Dish Works is ready to serve it.

"We are feeling realy grateful that there is a need right now for food brands to show comforting, authoritative, helpful recipes and bits of content, and it's an honor for us to be able to serve them when audiences need it more than ever, and brands need it more than ever, too," Bigham said.

Bigham also says, during this pandemic, social media use is skyrocketing and food purchasing is at a record high. 

For those of us at home right now, her team is producing some impressive meal planning and virtual holiday menus.

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