Doctor: Staring at the sun for extended time will cause eye damage, use protective glasses


Local officials and doctors are reminding people, with the solar eclipse only four days away, not to look directly at the sun on Monday afternoon.

And if you do, they want to make sure you have the proper gear to do so.

Premier Eye Care is giving away the specialized glasses that you need to watch the eclipse with. The glasses block everything except the sun out, but are dark enough so your eyes don't get damaged.

Dr. Brent says if you stare at the eclipse, or event the sun on a regular day, for an extended period of time it will eventually cause permanent damage.

"It's really no different than any other day no one should really stare regularly at the sun," explained Dr. Geoffrey Brent. "A fleeting glance here and there is really not going to hurt you but prolonged looking at the sun can cause solar maculopathy so it basically more or less cooks a part of the retina."

Dr. Brent says if for some reason you stare at the eclipse and your eyes start to hurt or you're having symptoms it's important to schedule an eye exam to see if you have any signs of damage.

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