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Immigration rally at children's home in Berks County

Reported by: Ewa Roman (

A group of people in Berks County rallied in front of a children's home Sunday, protesting illegal immigrant children, who are there seeking shelter, food and hoping to be re-united with their families.

"Our vets are still waiting, our vets are still waiting in line!" Yelled one protestor holding a sign in front of Bethany Children's Home in Womelsdorf, Berks County.

The protestors were angry that Bethany Children's Home is taking in illegal immigrant children and helping reunite them with their families.

"What I don't understand is why our (kids) are going without, our children are going without, our neighborhoods are going without, but we're able to help people from other countries on our dime. That's pretty sickening to me," said John renschler, organizer of the rally.

Adrian Reast is a legal immigrant from the U.K.

"The country has never spent a dime on me and I'm proud of that and I think more people should be like that. I came here to work and to live, I didn't come here to sponge off the state," said Reast.

Bethany Children's home participates in a program called Helping Hands. They take in children crossing the border with no where else to go.

"As a Christian and obviously a CEO of a children's home I couldn't turn my back on these children," said Kevin Snyder, CEO of Bethany Children's Home.

"This is not an issue about illegal or legal or invasion, this is an issue about how we're going to treat refugees in the united states," said Bridget Cambria, an immigration attorney/advocate.

The program gives them food clothing and a medical exam and has been in place for about a month. Bethany Children's Home has helped about 60 kids and officials say not all are illegal immigrants It takes them roughly between 10-12 days to reunite the kids with their families.
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