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Sports memorabilia store owner receives death threats after arranging event with Michael Vick


After this story aired, a spokesperson for Michael Vick reached out to CBS 21 and said that the quarterback had not been scheduled for a an event at Buffalo Wild Wings. "In fact, Michael was never presented any proposal or agreement to attend any autograph session in October," the spokesperson said.

Jaime Bartolo, co-owner of JJ Cards-N-Toys maintains there was a signing scheduled, but said unwanted media attention has put the event at risk of cancellation.

Reported by: Ewa Roman

YORK -- Co-owner of JJ Cards-N-Toys at the York Galleria Mall, Jamie Bartolo, was forced to take down her Facebook page and now lives in fear for her family's life.

"The message was, 'I wish your wife and kids would die,'" said Jamie Bartolo, co-owner, JJ Cards-N-Toys.

Bartolo says there were thousand of them.

"We're getting a lot of comments focused towards my family, hurting them, wishing they were dead, making comments that we are vile people for bringing him to this area," she added.

"Him" is Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick. On Oct. 30, he was supposed to be at an autograph signing at Buffalo Wild Wings in the York area. She picked him because he's the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, and Bartolo, says a very interesting player.

But because of the threats made against her family, she has postponed the event.

"I'm a dog lover and an animal person. I know what he did was wrong and he served his time in prison. You need to give a person a second chance is our philosophy in life. When you start threatening my family, that's when it gets scary for everyone involved," said Bartolo.

Most of the threats were made by people, who live out of state -- even aa far away as Canada. Bartolo says it's another example of cyber bullying being taken too far.

She'll decide by Monday whether to change the venue, the player, or cancel the event all together. Whatever she decides, she will call the close to 70 people who bought tickets. 

Bartolo reported those people and their threats to Facebook and also told police what happened.

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