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Wife of man facing charges in death of 8-year-old son speaks out

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Tonight the mother of an 8-year-old boy, who was dead inside her home for days without her allegedly knowing about it, talks to CBS 21 News.
She wanted to tell us her side of the story.

"I'm still in shock. I'm heart broken. I miss my kids. I see my son in a state I didn't want to see," cries Kimberly Tutko, mother of Jarrod Tutko Junior.

Kimberly Turko of Harrisburg agreed to an interview if we didn't show her face.

"I'm being picked on for being a bad mom, 'oh you didn't know that something was wrong with him?' I didn't, because every single day, it was a normal routine," said Kimberly.

The routine, Kimberly says, was that she and her husband Jarrod Tutko would split the responsibly of taking care of their six children. One child she says is in a vegetative state. And two others are autistic.

She says their 8 year old son Jarrod Tutko Junior was mentally handicapped and autistic. His father Jarrod Tutko senior was the one mainly responsible for taking care of him.

Friday night, Kimberly would call 911 to report her son Jarrod junior dead.

She says the house started to smell badly for a few days. The smell was getting worse. Friday night she was in the bathroom bathing one of her children, when she suddenly discovered what was causing the smell.

"He carried him into the bathroom, he put him down on the floor and he said to me, junior passed away. And I'm thinking today ? " said Kimberly.

"He didn't kill him, he found him dead," said Kimberly.

Kimberly goes on to say that Junior would make himself vomit and urinate on the carpet in his room on the third floor. She showed us where the boy also pulled up the carpet. As for Jarrod Tutko senior, Kimberly says he's a good father.

"I was scared of him. But I know deep down inside, he would not hurt any of those kids," said Kimberly, admitting that her husband had hit her in the past.

Kimberly Tutko has not been charged. Her 5 other children are in the care of Dauphin County. Her husband remains in prison.
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