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Gettysburg Address hockey jersey a hit at 150th anniversary

Updated: Friday, November 22 2013, 12:21 AM EST

Posted by: Jason Bristol

GETTYSBURG -- A special edition minor league hockey jersey commemorating the Gettysburg Address was a big hit in Gettysburg on the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's famous speech.

Bjorn Skaptason, a history buff from Chicago, bought the jersey from the Bakersfield Condors of the East Coast Hockey League, which wore similar sweaters during a game on November 10.

"I knew that I wanted to bring it here," said Skaptason, who works at the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop in Chicago, of the commemoration.

The team will never forget Skaptason's phone call, either.

"His caller ID came up Abraham Lincoln," said Condors team president Matthew Riley in an earlier interview with KBAK-TV.

"That's a call you take."

Skaptason promised the team he'd take pictures of himself wearing the jersey while in Gettysburg, including the spot where Lincoln delivered his address and a monument dedicated to California soldiers.

The cream-colored jerseys feature an image of America's 16th president -- along with a Condor logo wearing a black hat. The back of the jersey includes the actual text of the Gettysburg Address, along with a rendering of the battle between Union and Confederate soldiers.

"Certainly this one of the (more) unique pieces (of Lincoln memorabilia)," said Daniel Weinberg, owner of the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, who traveled with Skaptason to Gettysburg.

A man dressed as Abraham Lincoln even admired it. "I'm fond of it," said the man. "I endorse it."

Both Skaptason and Weinberg believe the late President Lincoln would have enjoyed a good chuckle over the jersey.

"I think he would have been enormously amused; that most American cannot go a day without seeing his image," said Skaptason.

Gettysburg Address hockey jersey a hit at 150th anniversary

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