Bears lose at home again, season ends at Game 7


The Hershey Bears tired to defy the odds and win Game 7 at home on Wednesday night.

A sloppy start for the Bears ends up costing them.

Jordan Swartz of the Providence Bruins is there to put in the loose change and it's 1-0 Providence.

The home teams have been awful in this entire series, but the Bears would strike back just two minutes later.

Riley Barber finds the twine and we are tied at one.

Second period has been the bugaboo for Hershey.

It's Swartz again, 2-1 Bruins.

These fans watched it get to 3-1 before the prettiest power play goal you'll ever see.

The Bears work it, pass, pass, pass, pass, goal for Chandler Stephenson but that would be it.

4-2 is the final.

The Bruins move on and the Bears try to figure out how they went 5-1 on the road in the playoffs but just 1-5 at home.

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