Doc Talk: Wound Care

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John Lentz has had a long history of diabetes.

His condition is so severe, he lost his leg and that's when the fear set in even more.

Lentz said, "It was very close to me losing the other leg because the one wound had gone all the way into the other bone."

In these situations that is a common problem.

Holy Spirit Wound Care Center Medical Director, Doctor Allan Grossman said, "Once you have an amputation or a severe wound, within five years, there's a 50 percent chance you're going to require another amputation."

That's what led John to Doctor Grossman, who was able to help him avoid a second amputation.

"We used living cell technology. We did grafts on him. And instead of having to harvest it from his skin, we actually grow it, they bring it in, we apply it and then we do wound care dressings," Doctor Allan said.

That promotes normal skin so you can't even tell John ever had an ulcer there or a graft.

All this, a huge upgrade from the way Doctor Grossman used to do things in his office.

Doctor Grossman said, "When I started, everything was betadine, neosporin and moist dressings. That doesn't exist anymore."

Now, he says wound care revolves around the living cell technology like the kind he used for John and hyperbaric chambers.

Those chambers are enclosed areas that allow for more oxygen.

John says he has had a hard enough time after losing one leg and is forever grateful that this new technology kept him from having to lose another.

Doctor Grossman said if you have a severe wound, don't wait to get it checked out.

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