Doc Talk: Thyroid Disorders

Doc Talk: Thyroid Disorders

The the little butterfly- shaped gland in your neck plays a bigger role in your body than you'd probably expect.

Holy Spirit Endocrinologist, Doctor Olusola Osundeko said,"The best way to understand what it does is if you have too much of it, of the hormones coming out of the gland, you’re going to feel everything goes fast."

That means you're hungry and eat more but still lose weight. You'll need to use the bathroom more often, won't be able to tolerate heat, won't sleep well, fewer periods for women and you may have tremors.

And then there's an underactive thyroid which can also lead to constipation, heavy periods, weight gain, dry skin and retaining liquid.

That's why it's extremely important to have your doctor check your thyroid with a blood test if you start to notice any of these symptoms, especially if there's a history of thyroid problems in your family.

You should also get it checked if you notice any kind of lump or nodule on the gland.

"If you notice that your neck is more swollen than usual or you can feel or see what looks like a little nodule on the thyroid," Doctor Osundeko said.

Treating an underactive thyroid is easy, medication will supplement the hormones your thyroid isn't producing.

But an overactive thyroid may require surgery or radioactive iodine pills to calm things down. The goal is to treat your thyroid problems early.

There's not a lot that you can do to prevent thyroid problems especially if you have Hashimoto's disease which is when the antibodies build up and fight the thyroid gland.

So call a doctor if you notice any of the symptoms.

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