Doc Talk: Finding infertility answers

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It has been a long road for one woman, Kim Hoover.

After a lot of testing and even surgery she is finally on the road to becoming a mother.

When Kim was first told she wouldn't be able to have kids, she simply couldn't accept it.

Kim said,"I had seen another doctor and they did basic testing and really arrived at just an unexplained diagnosis and I just wasn’t satisfied with that."

She wanted to know why. Instead of becoming depressed she became determined and saw another doctor.

Conception was something Kim and her husband really wanted.

"I had struggled with infertility for a total of three and a half years," Kim said.

Getting Kim's body happy and healthy was where she and Doctor Faith Daggs started.

Doctor Daggs helped Kim chart her cycles and did a lot of tests.

Along the way she determined that Kim suffered from endometriosis which also lead to other discoveries.

Kim said,"It turned out I also had a partially blocked Fallopian tube that had gone undetected."

She needed surgery which Doctor Daggs scheduled for a specific time.

Doctor Daggs said,"We timed surgery to a particular portion of her cycle where it would be easier to assess her tubes and treat them."

After surgery and more charting, it took a year but finally Kim got pregnant.

Kim said,"I swear if it weren't for feeling him kick, I still would be like this isn't happening."

Kim's little boy is due in December.

Doctor Daggs said infertility is not a condition. There is almost always a reason why and women should continue fighting for answers especially if it has something to do with their own health.

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