Doc Talk | Broken bones and scoliosis in children


Now that summer is almost here doctors are reminding parents that this is a popular time of year for broken bones, since children are generally more active.

As a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Holy Spirit Hospital Dr. Meagan Fernandez deals mostly with broken bones and scoliosis in children.

Now is the time of year she sees the most patients.

Fall from the monkey bars, trampolines, sports injuries.

All are common ways that children break bones. Luckily for them, they heal pretty easily.

"Children are not small adults," says Dr. Fernandez. "Their bones are very different. They have a lot of growth remaining."

Which means they generally heal faster than adults. But their injures must be taken seriously.

"If that natural growth is disrupted, it can cause them to develop deformities and problems into adulthood," explains Dr. Fernandez.

For surgeries performed on broken bones, Dr. Fernandez will sometimes put in a screw or plate. In an adult something like that would stay in permanently but in a kid hardware is usually removed after six months.

Another thing keeping her busy over the summer is scoliosis surgeries.

Summer is a really busy time for scoliosis surgery because kids are out of school.

Scoliosis surgery lasts most of the day but Dr. Fernandez says most patients are up and walking the next day and back to normal in a few weeks.

Luckily there's another plus to being a kid with a broken bone or scoliosis as opposed to an adult.

"In general, children tend to be much better patients," says Dr. Fernandez.

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