Doc Talk: A surprising treatment for migraines


For those of you who get migraines, listen up.

We spoke with one woman who's spent her whole life looking for something that would manage her's.

She finally found something that works, Botox.

Yes, the same injections that make those wrinkles disappear, they also have medical benefits you may not even know about.

Wendy Zimmerman has had a rough couple of years. She hasn't been able to keep her job or her car all because of migraines.

"The headaches got to the point where they were causing blindness, speech impediments, temporary paralysis and falling down," Zimmerman said.

She has been experiencing this kind of pain since she was 12 years old.

Zimmerman said,"My family doctor could no longer control it."

That's when she decided to visit a neurologist and they found that with every symptom she experienced a variety of things.

"If I pass out and fall down or if I lose my vision or speech or get twitchy," Zimmerman said.

She always had a migraine at the end of these occurrences.

Once doctors realized that, they knew just how to treat it. First vitamins then medication and then Botox.

Holy Spirit Neurologist, Doctor Venkata Jakkampudi said," With a tiny needle, you give 31 shots in the head as well as the neck and the shoulders."

Since Wendy started Botox treatment, she was able to go off her medication. Side effects are common but Wendy says she hasn't experienced those, just the benefits.

"I feel like a brand new person. I feel like I've actually been given another life," Zimmerman said.

Wendy says it usually takes a week for the injections to take effect but she's noticed all these changes after just two series of injections. If you have bad migraines and are interested , talk to your doctor about seeing a neurologist.

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