Twin brothers born in two separate years but only minutes apart

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A couple in Arizona rang in the New Year with the birth of their twin sons.

The boys were born in two different years, but only minutes apart.

The first baby of the New Year at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center is Everett Jackson Shay.

Everett is not only the first baby of the new year, his twin brother Sawyer was the last one of 2016.

So 11:51 Sawyer joined us .Everett was a little bit more stubborn and so Everett wasn't born until 12:01.

The family says they got to the hospital Saturday and as the clock kept ticking, they knew they had a special duo making a grand entrance into the world.

The bond, and this story, this pair will forever share is like no other.

They are gonna be amazing, they already are, they've already left their mark on this world
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