PHOTO | Officer comforts baby after parents overdose

PHOTO | Officer comforts baby after parents overdose/ CNN NEWSOURCE

A Birmingham police officer was surprised to find thousands of notifications on her phone the morning after she responded to the scene of an overdose.

She responded to reports of an overdose at the Tom Brown Public Housing Authority Tuesday night. When she gotr on scene, she found four children crying out for help.

To Officer Michelle Burton, the situation was all too familiar. She did her job and got home late.

"Grab my phone, look at my phone and there's like 2,000 notifications on my phone," Officer Burton told WIAT-TV in an interview.

The photo getting all of the attention was of her comforting a crying baby in the home.

"My thing was, I just wanted to snuggle her. I was like, I just want to pick her up and I want to hold her," she said.

Within hours, thousands of people had seen it.

"It just speaks to the heart of policing. Helping people. And that's what it's really all about," Birmingham Police Lieutenant David Rockett said.

Burton explained the sad reality of the situation, that the incident was not uncommon, but fortunately neither was her compassion.

"We do it all the time. It's not just me. I mean, my coworkers, I've taken pictures of them making baby bottles before and stuff like that," she said.

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