Northampton man receives pizza for a year and gives it all away

Courtesy: WFMZ

WFMZ reports, at Christmastime, Mario's Pizza in Northampton seems extra warm - a lot like the smiles, passed for decades from the people behind the counter, to the customers in front of it.

Co-owner Giovanni Aiello tells us, that's the recipe.

"I've been making pizza for 43 years," he says.

Frank Grigoli is a manager here. His father is Giovanni's brother, another co-owner.

"We've done a lot to this place, but one thing we've never changed is the quality," Frank says.

That's why, recently, they decided they'd reward their customers with something new: a contest for free pizza for a year.

Giuseppe Aiello, Giovanni's son, tells us they never expected what came next.

"I thought someone would win, they'd be excited, come in and get their pizzas, but a story like this to come out of a contest like that..." he trails off.

You see, when the computer randomly chose a winner from the 1200 people who signed up, up popped the name 'Josh Katrick' - someone who really deserved to get some good news.

Josh was diagnosed with colon cancer in July. He got the email from Mario's on a Friday, just as he was leaving the chemo treatment center.

"I remember coming out of there thinking, 'I just won pizzas for a year! That's cool!' he says.

But then Josh - a winner Mario's found so deserving - did the darnedest thing.

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