Man in Australia sets himself on a fire inside a bank, injures 27 people


Police in Melbourne, Australia say a man walked into a bank and allegedly set himself alight causing a fire and injuring 27 people.

Six of those injured are being treated for serious burns.

Police said a motive for the incident at the Commonwealth Bank in the Melbourne suburb of Springvale is not yet known.

"A man walked into the bank situated here, at Commonwealth Bank, Springvale Road, Springvale. He had with him some sort of accelerant. He walked into the bank and he lighted that accelerant which caused some sort of fire within the bank. He set himself alight with that fire and there was a number of other people within the bank at that time that received some injuries as well," said Inspector Jacqui Poida, Victoria State Police.

"This kid comes running out all burnt, you know, screaming his head off, skin hanging off, blood everywhere. I come literally where you guys are here, I looked across, I was shocked for a couple of minutes. I sprint across the road, go into Optus (local phone store) and get the fire extinguisher, I go inside get the fire out with this other kid and yeah, we just put the fire out. This worker come out the front out of nowhere, it's packed with smoke, so I said 'get him, go around the back see if you can get the fire exit open and get stuff out the back,' I got the fire out, I took four steps inside, I was shouting and shouting but I couldn't hear anyone, you know, the alarms were going off, no-one was hearing me, and then all of a sudden, you know like, a few minutes later the police come, and you know, the fire engines and everyone else, they went in," said witness Ashley Atkin-Fone.

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