Girl doesn't let double amputation keep her away from gymnastics

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Autumn Fought is just like any other first grader, full of energy and eager to learn.

She has her favorite teachers and lots of friends and just like many kids her age she has after school activities, which is where she met Faith Wade.

Autumn suffered from a prenatal stroke before birth and was born prematurely at 29 weeks. She was in the NICU for six months and at three and a half years old the muscles in her legs began to die.

It caused Autumn sever pain, so she underwent bilateral amputation at the knee.

"And shes been none stop ever since... They called her diva in the NICU and it still rings true..."

After her surgery is when her parents Brandi and Brandon Fought got her into Seals Gymnastics.

She does what she wants in her own way

Faith teaches Autumn to overcome her fears of learning new skills and Autumn teaches Faith that when you are brave, you are unstoppable.

"She gets a little scared when she is trying something new...But the moment she figures it out she's good , she doesn't have any fears," said Faith. "Autumn is very very strong minded and loves to prove people wrong"

"Whats the biggest thing you have learned from her?"

To be brave

To be brave is what special needs gymnast Autumn Fought has taught her coach, but the most special thing is what Autumn has learned from Coach Faith and it's helping her in everyday life.

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