Making A Difference: Team Scott Inspire helping students achieve success

Making A Difference: Team Scott Inspire helping students achieve success

An idea that was inspired by a trip to Philadelphia to help homeless youth has turned into a movement that is making a difference in Central PA.

James and Rachelle Scott are now making a difference with their desire to inspire concept.

The "Students Achieving Success" lunch and learn at Central Penn College in Enola is part of the non-profit "Team Scott Inspire" -- The brain child of James and Rachelle Scott.

Every other month, they invited students from local high schools, like Harrisburg, Steelton, Central Dauphin and Central Dauphin East to participate.

"Our goal for these lunch and learn sessions here at Central Penn College is to give these students that are facing adversity self-worth to let them know anything is possible," James Scott said.

The program features team building activities and motivational speakers, like Harrisburg Police Chief Thomas Carter, who encouraged the students to overcome their struggles to achieve greatness.

"Your current situation doesn't have to be your permanent situation. Through education, through trying, through studying, through blood, sweat and maybe tears, you can change the situation you're currently in," the chief said.

Chief Carter told the students it is important to cultivate future leaders and it's encouraging to see the students taking an active part in this.

Central Dauphin East senior Tyshaun Pollard is one of those students. He says he would like to be in a career that involves helping young people, so, it was very inspiring for him to hear Chief Carter speak.

"There's a divide between young people and law enforcement. The law enforcement is here to help us and not everyone realizes that and they just look at things happening in the news. So, for somebody like him and him being an African-American male to come and speak to us, especially with things going on, it really shows the significance of them trying to help young people," he said.

Another goal for the Team Scott Inspire project is to let these students know college is an attainable goal. By partnering with Central Penn College, it also helps the school reach its goal.

"These students are committed to achieving success, they want to make a difference in their lives and we want to show community support behind them, keep pushing them, keep motivating them," Rachelle Scott said.

For more information on Team Scott Inspire, go here:

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