Making a Difference: American Heart Association's Red Couch


The American Heart Association is asking Central Pennsylvanians to become “couch potatoes.” Well, sort of.

To raise awareness about the number one silent killer of women, heart disease, a Central Pa woman is raising awareness from the comfort of her own couch.

It's actually a pretty unique awareness campaign that features a red couch and anyone who wants to share their personal story to make a difference.

If you're not paying close attention, you may not even see the "go red for women" couch at Centric Bank on Linglestown Road in Dauphin County.

Ironically, it's to help remind women that they need to pay close attention to their bodies.

Heart disease is the number one silent killer of women in this country, but the symptoms may not be what we think.

Patti Husic, President & CEO of Centric Bank says, “The misconception is that if you're having a heart attack or chest pains or problems, it's a crushing pain in your chest, those are not the same symptoms that happen for women. You know some women it may be as simple as acid reflux, indigestion, just feeling fatigue and I think the point is if you're having those symptoms, have a conversation with your doctor."

As the chair of the Go Red for Women campaign, she started the "Centric Red Couch" project to not only get women to have a conversation with their doctors but a conversation with others while sitting on the couch.

So far it's been pretty active on this couch, with some bank employees actually recording their thoughts to help save lives.

Although customers haven't talked on camera, the couch is a conversation starter and that is helping to raise awareness as well.

Each month from now til May of next year, the couch will be at a different business, starting with Centric Bank.

Patti Husic knows first hand the devastation of heart disease, her family has a long history. Husic says, “My mom had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, she had 5 bypass open heart surgery and what led to her ultimate passing was a heart attack and stroke. So, it is , it is a very important part to me.”

Any business who wants to get on the “Red Couch Series” can contact Centric Bank or the American Heart Association.

You can also learn more about how to support the “Go Red For Women” campaign.

Next month, the “Red Couch” goes to Rhoads & Sinon Law Firm in Harrisburg.