Zembo Shrine Center up for sale


The Zembo Shrine center is headquarters to the Zembo Shrine Fraternal group.

It is one of the oldest structures in the area and is now being sold.

The shrine was built in 1929, but is now up for sale.

They are members of the masonic order and have been helping the community for decades according to Bob Cook.

Another factor pushing the Zembo Shrine out is the cost of maintaining the building. utilities are very costly and when it comes time to fix something, Book Cook says, "Machinery, the parts, the companies who built them back in the 1920's are no longer around. In order to replace the parts, you almost have to get them built special. That's a lot of money."

Cook said "We have dropped down from about 10,000 people to about 2,200."

Bob Cook said "so far, there are no offers to buy. The asking price is $950,000. That's about the same price it was built for. He said the cost to build something nowadays like this would be around $13 million."

Bob said although they are selling, "Zembo Shrine is not going to go away from Harrisburg."

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