Montgomery County DA says Cosby will see his day in court, again


The Montgomery County District Attorney says Bill Cosby will see his day in court again, as he vows to retry the case.

Judge Steven O'Neill declared the comedian's sex assault trial a mistrial Saturday morning.

District Attorney Steele says he will prove Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted Andrea Constand beyond a reasonable doubt.

The next steps in the case are happening right now, as both the defense and prosecution file motions.

Legal experts believe chances of a new trial could be slim. However, they do believe in the likelihood of finding a new jury.

"I don't think we thought of it that much as a high-profile case when we were in that room" says Richard Black, a juror for ex-Penn State President Graham Spanier's trial in March. He says he can understand why the Cosby jury was deadlocked after deliberating for six days.

"I was the last man standing [on our case]," Black says.

"Every case has to be looked at differently," reminds Corky Goldstein, an attorney in Central Pa. He believes a jury will be found again.

"We've had some really big cases in this country. A person can be asked if they heard about the case. If they say yes, that's not the issue," Goldstein says. "The fact that you've heard about a case [isn't the issue]. If they formed an opinion as to Mr. Cosby's guilt or innocence, does. If they say no, then they're legitimately able to sit on a jury."

While a new jury may be found with some ease, Goldstein believes the actual likelihood of a retrial is slim, given Cosby's age, medical state, and the expense of a new trial.

"Justice can be served in many ways and it might not have to be served by bringing charges again," Goldstein says.

However, Steele told CBS 21 that justice has no price tag and Constand and the people of Montgomery County deserve a verdict in the case.

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