Weis donates thousands of gallons of milk to Central PA Food Bank


The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank received 6,000 gallons of fresh milk from the newly opened Weis Market in Enola on Friday.

Since June is National Dairy Month, Weis is celebrating by making a number of donations to various food banks across the state.

Friday’s donation to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank is valued at over $30,000 and they say is the largest milk donation they’ve received this year.

“That’s really about 100,000 servings of milks that are going to people in need,” says Joe Arthur, Executive Director at Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. “About a third of our clients are children so it’s a really huge deal.”

Weis representatives say all milk donated is sourced solely from Pennsylvania cows.

The Food Bank says due to milk’s quick turnover, recipients’ should be able to pour a glass of the donated milk by Monday morning.

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