County approves $10,000 settlement payment for family of man killed in 2012

A final settlement payment for the family of a man shot and killed outside of Springettsbury Township K-Mart in 2012 was approved by the York County Commissioners Wednesday.

The county's decision to approve a final settlement payment of $10,000 to the family comes five years after Todd Shultz was killed by police officers responding to reports of a jewelry theft at K-Mart.

While the county will be paying $10,000, Springettsbury Township must pay the family $275,000, according to York County Communications Director Mark Walters.

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Springettsbury Police Sergeant Brian Wilbur released this statement about the settlement:

Springettsbury Township and York County have settled a civil lawsuit brought by the family of Todd William Shultz, who was fatally shot outside the Kmart on Haines Road in 2012. The Township is required to accept the settlement as a business decision by its insurance carrier. I wish we had the opportunity to go to trial to present the facts; then we would have received the court’s decision regarding the Officers’ actions on the evening of December 29, 2012. I stand behind the actions of the Officers who were forced to make a very difficult decision that evening based on the tense, uncertain and rapidly evolving circumstances confronting them. The decision to take a life is one Officer’s hope they will never have to make, but are willing to do so for the sake of protecting innocent lives. The loss of Mr. Shultz is an absolute tragedy for his family, friends, the Officers involved and the Officers’ families. As a police department, we value every community member and grieve the death of Mr. Shultz despite the circumstances.

On the night of December 29, 2012, Springettsbury Township Police were called to a K-Mart for a report of a man stealing jewelry.

Investigators say Shultz had a knife and that officers directed him to drop it 38 times, but he ignored their demands.

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According to an affidavite, police also used a taser and a baton on Shultz, but that did not stop him.

The York County District Attorney's Office says the officers' action were justified. However, lawyers for the Shultz Family say excessive force was used because police say the man was shot a total of 17 times.

Devon Jacob, who represented Shultz's estate, told CBS21 News in 2015 that the Springettsbury Township Police Department had 'gone rogue,' explaining that he wanted the FBI and Department of Justice to look into the department and the agencies that oversee it.

Jacob also represented two other people in civil litigation against the department. In all three cases, officers were cleared of wrong doing.

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