Toddler born premature, now in remission from liver cancer, is headed to Disney World

Toddler born premature, now in remission from liver cancer is headed to Disney World

A Lancaster toddler born premature and now in remission from liver cancer is getting a chance to get away and relax after four very tough years. Tuesday night the Make A Wish Foundation granted Kimberly Bender's wish of going to Disney World to meet the princesses and Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The foundation says this is the least they can do for a child who's had to endure so much in her short life.

Laura Bender, Kimberly's mom told CBS 21, "Her story actually starts right from the day she was born."

Kimberly and her twin sister were born at 27 weeks old; Kimberly weighed just over one pound and her sister just over two pounds meaning they had to stay in the NICU several months after they were born.

"Kimberly had eating and breathing problems so she currently still has a feeding tube and was on oxygen for 18 months," said Bender.

The toddlers parents say she was getting better until a routine doctors appointment where they found out Kimberly had a rare form of liver cancer. Once again, the little girl had a hard road ahead of her.

Bender said, "When I was pregnant with her they were giving her a 50 percent chance that she would even be born alive... She's been a fighter ever since she was born."

After several rounds of chemo, surgery to remove 60% of her liver, and two more rounds of chemo she was finally in remission.

Now, thanks to the foundation, one of her dreams is coming true and her family hopes this is the start of a normal life for their two little girls.

Make A Wish will cover the cost of the entire trip. The family leaves next Saturday.

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