Police incident caught on camera, officer under investigation


Police are responding to a video circulating on social media that appears to show a heated conversation between a resident of Lebanon and a Mount Joy Borough Police officer.

The borough of Mount Joy says the incident in the video is now a subject of potential litigation.

In one part of the video you here the videographer, Royal Marti, say, “He doesn’t know how to conduct himself as a police offcer,” to which you hear the officer respond, “You want to go out there and start putting out things why don’t you tell the truth for once?”

As the video progresses the conversation between the officer and man behind the lens appears to escalate. There’s name calling from both parties that eventually appears to lead to physical contact.

Mount Joy’s Police Chief sent a statement that reads in part, “That video, taken nearly two months ago, resulted in the department taking immediate action to investigate the matter and it undertook appropriate steps to comprehensively address the situation."

Royal Marti, the man in the video, also sent a statement saying, “The incident in Mount Joy was an unfortunate one that hurt me deeply. I know that a lack of understanding and intolerance all too often lead to intimidation and violence like I experienced."

The police chief says because this is a matter of litigation and a personnel matter they aren’t able to comment further.

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