Pennsylvania official's wife treated for mental health issue

Pennsylvania official's wife treated for mental health issue

The wife of Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor has entered a residential treatment facility for a mental health issue amid fallout from complaints about the couple's behavior toward state employees.

A spokesman for Democratic Lt. Gov. Mike Stack says Tonya Stack is receiving care "regarding a difficult mental health issue."

Chief of staff Matt Franchak said in a statement Thursday the Stacks are like many families that face mental illness and are addressing it "in a comprehensive way." He provided the statement in response to a query from LNP Media Group publication The Caucus.

" At the recommendation of her professionals, the Lieutenant Governor's Wife has entered a residential treatment facility to receive care regarding a difficult mental health issue. Like many families who face mental illness, it was difficult for the Stacks to take the steps needed to address it in a comprehensive way, but they are doing so now.

As a public servant, it is the Lieutenant Governor's duty to answer legitimate questions relating to his interactions with state employees. As a husband, however, he believes his wife's medical issues should remain private and only confirmed her treatment due to leaks to the media. It is unfair that some have repeatedly attacked her for the manifestations of her illness rather than attempt to understand what was happening or offer to help.
The Lieutenant Governor will not be discussing the particulars of his wife's treatment and has nothing further to add at this point other than that he loves his wife, admires her courage and believes they will emerge from this experience as a more compassionate and loving family.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf initiated an inspector general's investigation into the complaints about the Stacks' treatment of employees. Stack said his behavior was unacceptable and a symptom of a larger problem but didn't elaborate.

Wolf stripped Stack of state police protection.

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