National Police Week |Former police chief, family remember officer killed in line of duty


In the last several years, police officers have battled controversy after a number of officer-involved shootings have gained national attention.

This week, they are being honored as part of National Police Week.

New Cumberland Officer Will Cole was shot and killed Aug. 19, 1994.

Will was shot after responding to a robbery at D&S Coins.

The shooter was later convicted and remains on death row.

It was a day Will's uncle, Jack, will never forget.

"I always respected the police officers and I was proud when Will made that decision. I thought that was the greatest thing to do," Jack said.

Will lived up to all of Jack's expectations, until his life was cut short.

A risk that all police officers take every day when they set out on the job. Horrific situations like Will's are why retired police chief, Bud Kaufamn, says National Police Week is so important.

"That's why we have National Police Week for police officers to get together and grieve their missing friends and grieve their coworkers," Kaufman said.

And to grieve loved ones with pride.

"The police, they're the scale that balances right and wrong for everybody. He loved it. When he would visit at our home, I would always corral him and ask him questions," Jack said.

Events for National Police Week have been going on all week, including a memorial service in Washington, D.C.

National Police Week ends Sunday.

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