"My friend didn't even know he lost his shoe," student details bus crash in Lancaster


A scary day for students at the Lancaster Mennonite School on Wednesday.

Two students still in the hospital.

For Cameron Hoober Wednesday morning was anything but normal.

"I don't usually ride the bus. My brother usually takes me to school," says Hoober.

But Cameron hopped on the bus to go to school on Wednesday morning. Less than 25 minutes later the unthinkable happened.

I could hear when the tires and the first bang and then the second one and then I was on the side and then there was people in bags on top of me and it was kind of hectic.

Cameron says passersby helped free students from the wreck, but one student was pinned underneath the bus.

A classmate found Cameron's cell phone, which went flying when the bus was hit. He was able to call his mom. The first thing he told her, he was okay.

"I got a little emotional but he was okay was what kept ringing in my mind," said Karen Hoober.

Fourteen students were on board, headed to the Lancaster campus and the Locust Grove campus.

"We were just kind of in shock," explained Cameron. "We were just asking each other if you were okay. It was so hectic that my friend didn't even know this he lost his shoe."

Every student on the bus was taken to the hospital, along with the bus driver. Twelve have been released.

Two remain in the hospital, including one who was airlifted to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

"I did see him get on the bus. He's a little guy and you could tell he wasn't a highschooler," says Karen. "He was a little guy and so certainly our prayers go out to him."

The Superintendent says they will have extra staff on hand on Thursday at the Lancaster campus and at the Locust Grove location as well.

"Obviously we still continue to be concerned for this child and for their family, lifting them in prayer," said Pam Tieszen, superintendent of Lancaster Mennonite Schools. "There has been students gathering to do that, so we're trying to communicate as best we can, but we continue to be vigilant for the family sake."

Tieszen is not sure when the students involved in the crash will return to class.

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