Seamstress laid off by bankrupt shop hard at work altering dresses for waiting brides

Lala is working around the clock to finish dresses from her home in Pennsylvania (WHP)

Seamstress Lala is hard at work altering wedding gowns as fast as she can.

Lala was employed by Alfred Angelo, which filed for bankruptcy last month and shut its doors.

It left brides without gowns and workers without jobs.

Lala says she knew something was up when they told her to stop scheduling fittings with brides.

"I just guessed something was going to happen and I just took all my dresses with me that last two to three weeks and I didn't leave any dress there," Lala said.

When the store shut down abruptly, she had the gowns. But her brides had no clue.

She was given their phone numbers, but no address, so she began calling.

"A couple of my customers even cried and she said Lala can you send me a picture of my dress, I can't believe it," Lala said.

Harrisburg native Rebekah Geer was one of those brides.

"I was like I could not believe it. It just was such a whirlwind day," Geer said.

Now, Lala is working around the clock to finish dresses from her home.

"She no longer has her office that she was working out of, she doesn't have her sewing machine anymore so she's literally just working out of her basement," explained Geer.

While Lala is altering these dresses for the brides, she's doing it all free of charge. In fact she tells CBS 21 the last time she received a check from Alfred Angelo was June and she's now due more than $12,000 dollars for her work.

One of her sewing machines, which was a gift from her church, is also still inside the Lancaster location.

"She could've just said I'm not getting paid for this and I'm just going to drive find another job and these brides can come get their dress if they want but I'm not doing the work but she didn't," Geer said.

Geer, along with her sister, have set up a GoFundMe page for Lala to help cover expenses while she's looking for a new job and waiting on her check from Alfred Angelo.

Lala says she's interviewed with a new bridal salon, but promises to finish these dresses for her clients first.

"I would like to make everybody happy on their big day and special wedding day," she said.

Lala says she still has dresses for brides that she has not been able to reach. If you believe your dress may be in her possession, you can call 717.858.0368 or email

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