Local musician battles cancer, sings during brain surgery

Courtesy Photo

Zack Zortman, who sings under the stage name Zachary William, shared his story of battling cancer with CBS21 News This Morning.

Zack is a behavioral specialist for children in York County who performs in an acoustic duo The AKT on the side.

He went to a local hospital after having a speech lapse while driving. At the hospital he was given a CT scan, which identified a 5 cm tumor near the temporal lobe, which impacts speech and memory. Zack was immediately rushed to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where a week later he had an operation.

The surgery, and biopsy, revealed that the tumor was cancerous, a grade 3 Analplastic Astrocytoma. His prognosis was two to five years.

After surgery he went through speech therapy and is now back to normal, with occasional mispronunciations. At the end of therapy he wrote a song about his journey with cancer.

The song, "Meant to Live," is dedicated to anyone who has or is battling cancer, or has been a caretaker.

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