Local firefighters to battle western wildfires


Dozens of local firefighters are partnering up with nearly 60 others from neighboring states and preparing to leave Monday morning to help battle wildfires in Montana.

Officials say it was a combination of high winds, lightning, and plummeting humidity that sparked the wildfires.

In response 5 twenty person crews from all over the Northeast are heading to Montana to help out.

Each firefighter is allowed to take up to 65 pounds of gear with them. They'll need to bring whatever it takes to fight the fires and sustain themselves for 14 days of camping out.

Crews headed to Montana say they're both excited and nervous.

Terry Smith, a Special Investigator with the Bureau of Forestry, said, “When they get the opportunity to go out and put all their training and their skills to work, they’re very excited, like a kid at Christmas if you will.”

Ryan Ling, also headed out with crews said, “Sometimes a little uncertainty just because we don’t know what we’re getting into until we leave. We leave Pennsylvania and we go to whatever state needs our assistance.”

The crews are boarding a plane at 10 Monday morning from the Harrisburg Airport.

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