Honoring A Hero | Memorial Procession For Harrisburg Fire Lt. Dennis DeVoe

Lt. Dennis DeVoe, killed on his way to a fire in Harrisburg almost a week ago, is being honored Friday by family, friends, colleagues, and people from all across Pennsylvania.

Lt. Dennis DeVoe, killed on his way to a fire in Harrisburg almost a week ago, was honored by family, friends, colleagues, and people from all across Pennsylvania Friday.

Preparations for the fire lieutenant's procession and funeral started earlier in the week. Firefighters say they're working hard to honor their fallen brother because it's what he would've done for them.

Friends and fellow firefighters say Lt. DeVoe was a "fireman's fireman," meaning he would do anything for anyone.

WATCH: Memorial Procession Honoring The Life Of Harrisburg Fire Lieutenant Dennis DeVoe

Captain Aldo Morelli told CBS 21, "Anytime someone needed help or if there was an event that needed to be attended or anything that embodied the fire department like volunteer work here in the city, he was there."

Thursday firefighters channeled DeVoe and came together to help and to honor. Fire Chief Brian Enterline sent a tweet saying volunteers were clearing the steps of the capital where firefighters will be watching the procession and within minutes dozens more showed up.

"They just dropped whatever they had to do and came and helped us," said Morelli.

They say it's the least they can do for someone who did so much for them.

Morelli told CBS 21, "It embodies the spirit of what Lt. DeVoe was and what he stood for. He was a brother through and through."

Friends, family and fellow firefighters traveled from all over to honor Harrisburg Fire Lieutenant Dennis DeVoe, each saying they're grateful they knew and only wish they had more time with him.

"The Harrisburg Fire Department has had the honor of having Lieutenant Denny DeVoe as a part of our family for the last 21 years," Harrisburg Fire Chief Brian Enterline said. "Those who fought fires alongside Lt. Dennis DeVoe say he was smart, kind, and one of the hardest working men they knew."

They described him as a person who made the world a better place.

"21 years of commitment and leadership which have made our city and our fire department a better job and a better family," Enterline said.

They honored his bravery and courage by presenting him with the Award For Heroism.

They rang the bell one last time saying they would it take it from here and that he can rest easy.

Captain Brian Bastinelli said they joined the Harrisburg Fire Department on March 11 and had to say goodbye on March 11, adding he's glad that they had 21 years inbetween those dates.

"Thank you for being my brother and my friend, I will always love you. I miss you buddy," Capt. Bastinelli said.


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