Harrisburg SD fixes some problems brought forth by parent about conditions at Rowland

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The Harrisburg School District has fixed some of the problems at Rowland Academy that were brought to light by a concerned parent earlier this week.

On Thursday Business Manager Kenneth Medina shared the following update on the situation:

  • On Monday morning, our Lead Custodian at Rowland removed graphitti in the effected bathrooms. He ensured that soap- and paper-dispensers were full, and that all toilets had the capacity to be flushed. Also, John met with a preferred vendor for restroom stall doors & locks. Three additional doors were added to the requested quotes for the custom stall doors.
  • On Monday afternoon, our typical foaming bathroom tile & fixture treatment was applied as normal in all restrooms. Trash was emptied as usual.
  • On Tuesday and Wednesday, “EXIT” signs that had been knocked-out of their respective supports were re-attached by our District Electrician. On both those days, Aramark’s “Go-Spot-Check” inspections were performed as normal, but with extra attention being applied to Rowland. Exceptions to cleanliness were addressed the Custodial Supervisors and Custodial Staff.
  • On Wednesday, additional touchless cleaning was applied to grout in restrooms and the custodial staff reported a large puddle of urine on the floor of the 4th Floor Boys’ restroom. Custodians cleaned and re-treated the affected area.
  • Today, Thursday, Additional “Go-Spot-‘Check” Inspections were performed and progress was reported. The District Electrician closed-out a number of work orders regarding EXIT signs, and reported that all EXIT signs are attached to their respective supports.
  • Today, Thursday, samples of exiting paint (to be covered) were taken to a paint supply vendor to properly spec-out the required primer and finish coat paints for the restrooms. Priming and painting is scheduled for this weekend – without students or staff in the building.
  • Outlet covers, light covers, paper towel dispensers and other items that have been vandalized have had Work Orders assigned (about 40 Work Orders in all). Our Facilities Department is addressing these in order of priority (safety & sanitation).
  • Bathroom Sink Vanities and backsplashes that have had the Formica torn-off, are also being addressed, and will require replacement Formica and work done as soon as practicable, and when staff and students are not around due to the chemical dangers of drying adhesive in areas of low ventilation.
  • Our District HVAC Engineer is re-examining the air balance in Rowland restrooms to be certain that exhausting stale air is maximized to the extent possible.
  • John Gallagher will provide before and after photos and we will share those out when we can.
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