Giant closes store in Lancaster, residents concerned over 'food desert' in the city


A Giant Food Store in Lancaster City closed this week, prompting protest.

Protesters gathered across from the Giant on the Fruitville Pike, that Giant is open, the open drawing concern is on Reservoir Street.

Residents say that the closure of the Reservoir Street location will create a 'food desert' in the city.

Giant is providing a shuttle to another store. Right now, they're running about six shuttles a day from the Reservoir Street location's parking lot Sunday through Friday. There are ten shuttles on Saturdays.

This is temporary and will last until the end of August.

"There's not a lot of other great options for a grocery store. There's a Vietnamese store by McCaskey, it's across the street. That's not a very viable alternative, there's a Weis somewhat nearby, but for elderly people and disabled people it's not readily available, especially for people who don't own cars. They're not gonna be able to travel there very effectively," says protester Brendan McCarley.

Giant says they are looking to fill the space with another retailer but haven't given a date as to when that will happen, or if another grocery store will take its place.

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