"Donut Boy" visits the area to say 'thank you'


9-year-old Tyler Carach, or "donut boy," is originally from Florida.

However, today he and his family stopped at the Stroud Area Police Department to hand out donuts and coffee to those he admires most: police officers.

Their visit here is just one stop on a six week tour up the east coast.

It all began last August when Tyler saw four deputies while at a local store with his mom and told her he wanted to buy them mini-donuts with his own money.

"They were just tickled to death. Very excited, very happy, grateful,” Sheena Carach, Tyler’s mom, said.

“When we left, Tyler was asking me why they were so happy. I explained to him that cops were having a difficult time right now and there was a lot of people who were purposely out to hurt cops. He looked at me and he was very adamant and he said, 'ok, I'm going to thank every cop in America and buy them all a doughnut," she added.

Sheena thought it would just be a local campaign.

Yet it snowballed into a massive effort.

So far, through his own money and the help of some sponsors, Tyler's been able to hand out more than 6,000 donuts to officers.

So why the east coast trip?

"Somebody needs to remind them that people still care," Tyler said.

For Stroud Area Regional Police Chief John Ward, Tyler's efforts mean more to him and his team than the 9-year-old could ever comprehend; especially since officers often go from one negative call to another each day.

"It's very tough, it does impact your psyche," Ward said.

"So, when we have opportunities to do something like this, we are thrilled. We were thrilled to give him a little surprise too," he added.

That surprise? A special visit from a few well-known superheroes.

"They let me see Batman and Robin," Tyler said.

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