Donations pour in for Harrisburg fire victims at Sunday fundraiser

The halls of the TNT International building on South 18th Street Sunday were filled with people singing praises and boxes filled with donations.

These donations are for the families impacted by a devastating fire on Walnut Street in Harrisburg last week, and a deadly fire on Lexington Street. Two-year-old Ashanti Hughes and 10-year-old Savannah Dominick were killed in that fire.

The event, "Beyond the Blaze," was organized by Jonathan Branch, who wanted to help these families.

"God used me as a vessel to be able to do this," Branch said.

Donations of food items, clothing and toys were being sorted through by volunteers. Live entertainment had dozens clapping and worshipping, praying for the families involved.

"This is really great," said Keisha Diaz of Harrisburg. She was sorting through donations. "This is beautiful, it really is. It's so nice. I really wasn't expecting this."

Attendees say this shows what the city is all about.

"What it shows you is people coming together from all races and helping one another out. I just love what I'm seeing here. It's like a rainbow coalition," said Macajah Brown. He says the community is coming together, no matter what skin color or religion they are, for the common good of helping their fellow neighbors.

"This is what it means when they say it takes a village. We're in our city, this is our city. This is Harrisburg and everyone who lives in the city. This is our time. We have no other choice than to come together," Branch said.

Harrisburg Fire Lieutenant Dennis DeVoe was not far from the group's mind. A sheet cake was made into a firefighter's uniform, with DeVoe's badge number.

To help donate via Go Fund Me, click here.

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