Diner Talk: From Central PA to Canada, people weigh in on the first 100 Days


As the first one hundred days of the President Donald Trump’s stint in office comes to a close, people in Central Pennsylvania are developing some informed opinions.

“I think that things are moving too fast. There is not enough thought that goes into it,” said Al Hanshell, who we met at the Front Street Diner during our Friday morning segment called “Diner Talk.”

“I think he has shown that he is pretty decisive. He is definitely trying to stick to what he promised he was going to do,” said George Ringley who says he supports President Trump.

Promises is all that George Ringley had to work with the first time we met him, back in February.

“Maybe this is a shot and we can’t harp on him until things are done. Let's see how things are after four years,” said Ringley during an interview on February 10.

That was three weeks after Inauguration Day. Fast forward to three months into President Trump’s time in office and people are beginning to form an educated opinion about the speed and the impact of the new president.

“In Canada, there was a sentiment, hold your nose and vote for either one,” said Ed Psutka of Ottawa, Canada.

Psutka has a unique point of view. The Canadian resident is down visiting for Spring Carlisle. He says his opinion of President Trump has changed.

“Apparently he is a man of action. He is not shy to jump in and solve a problem as in the case of Syria,” he said.

“I was a little surprised that he did that in some ways. I don’t think it was the wrong move. I think it sent a message,” Ringley said.

And while Al Hanshell didn’t vote for the President, he is an American and he wants to see this President and therefore America succeed.

“We were basically taught that once the President is the President, you don’t second guess. You just accept that this is the way it is and try to support as much as you can,” said Hanshell.

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