Dept. of Health says flu cases have spiked in past two weeks

Flu cases are on the rise in Pennsylvania. According to the PA Department of Health there were 13 flu related deaths last week. DHS says the season started slow but with the recent cold weather and snow they've seen an uptick.

The department of health says there's been an average amount of flu cases this year with only a recent uptick in the last two weeks. Right now the DHS website classifies the sickness as "widespread."

"In the last couple of weeks we've seen more persistently cold weather with some snow squalls and so we've had higher cases of the flu," said Dr. Loren Robinson.

Of the 51 people who have died due to flu related reasons this season 44 of them were over 65 which is a population even more at risk. A local general practitioner says the flu is very contagious so if you think you have it get to a doctor.

Dr. Christine Sheridan with Holy Spirit Family Medicine said, "Generally when you experience a high fever in addition to moderate to severe body aches and sometimes joint aches along with a dry cough and nasal congestion. Those are some of the signs and symptoms."

Moving forward doctors and DHS recommend getting the flu shot every year.

"The flu vaccine is one you need to get every year because those strains are changing," said Robinson.

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