Christmas Candylane at Hersheypark plows on despite the cold

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It’s Christmas time at the sweetest place on Earth, Hersheypark. And while the lights are and music play, maintenance officials work vigorously to monitor the weather to make sure guests enjoy the best experience possible.

During Christmas Candylane, Hersheypark runs 5 roller coasters and features over four million lights. One of the five coasters, Laff Traff is fully indoors and can run in any weather. For the other four coasters, Wildcat, Wild Mouse, The sooperdooperLooper and the Cocoa Cruiser, maintenance officials say they monitor the wind, precipitation and temperatures, especially as it nears 40 degrees. If the weather gets too cold, the cars can slow down or stop on the tracks, and that is what crews want to avoid.

Interestingly, new this year, maintenance crews installed a specialty blanket and heaters for Wildcat so it can keep warm in the station and run smoothly in the cold temperatures.

Over four million lights are spread throughout the park, with every single bulb now converted to LED. It takes from just after Labor Day to mid November for dozens of crews to install the lights. The benefit of the LED lights is durability and electric cost saving.

Finally, ZooAMerica is open all-year-round but many people are surprised to learn that the animals like the cold weather. In fact, some of the animals like the cold weather, snow and long nights more than the warmer days.

Hersheypark is open from today, daily until New Year’s Day.

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