Cabinet falls on top of 5-year-old who was playing around it without adult supervision


A five-year-old Pennsylvania girl had to be rushed to the hospital after a cabinet fell on top of her.

She was home alone with five younger children without any adult supervision.

Her mother was supposed to be watching all of them, but she left the house.

The girl managed to open the front door and ran outside. The other children followed her and they started playing around a large cabinet left on the curb.

The mother of those five other children is thankful her kids were not hurt.

"My kids was involved and it could have been one of my kids that got hurt. I mean, I do know the little girl that got hurt. My kids was outside and it could have happened to any of them or a car could have went by and hit some of them," said Michele Partlow.

The mother who was supposed to be watching the kids says she told the girl's father she was leaving. He told police he was sleeping at the time and she never told him anything.

She checked herself into a mental hospital after the incident.

Charges have not yet been filed.

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