Coroner still investigating identity of body found in Susquehanna River by fisherman


The coroner is still determining the identity of a body found in the Susquehanna River earlier this week. The coroner says that the victim died of freshwater drowning and was in the water for over two days.

That body was found in the same area police were searching for a missing man, but they haven't confirmed whether the person found is the man they were searching for.

On Thursday morning a man found a body while fishing near the Norman Wood Bridge but police aren't releasing the name of that person yet.

The fisherman reported that he "hooked the body" while fishing on a boat in the Susquehanna River.

Police were searching this exact area earlier this week for a 50-year-old James Rowland. Police say he hasn't been seen by his family since Monday.

His car was found Tuesday off of Holtwood Road in Martic Township, and State Police were out in full force searching for him along with K9's.

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