Alfred Angelo Bridal closes abruptly, brides-to-be panic, local stores step up


Rebekah Geer is getting married in just one month, but today, an unexpected phone call from her sister threw a wrench in her wedding plans.

Rebekah geer

" She said I saw on the news that all Alfred Angelo stores abruptly closed their stores, so if I were you I would go down there and try and get your dress as soon as possible," Geer said.

She rushed to the store on Jonestown Road in Lower Paxton Township to find a note on the door with not a soul in site.

"I just started crying. I called my fiancé and he was telling me it'll be fine. I'm saying how's it going to be fine, there's no one to call. I'm over $1000 down the drain," Geer said.

Rebekah is just one of many brides across the country that found out Alfred Angelo Bridal shut down their stores without any notice.

She, like everyone else is now without a dress and out a ton of money.

Calls to the store went unanswered with an answering message stating they are helping other brides and to leave a message.

However, a peek inside the store and no ones there.

"To me, it feels like they got as much money as they could, they waited to the last possible moment and then closed up shop, skipped town essentially and just left all these brides in a lurch," Geer said.

Just across the street, at David's Bridal, Rebekah was able to find a new gown that will be altered and ready to go for her big day.

Tonight--she says she feels relieved.

"I feel like the dress I found is a lot cheaper than I originally had and I'm hoping I can get my money back, but I just feel awesome because I like the dress better and I think it works for my venue," she said.

David's Bridal says they've received multiple calls today from women who are in the same situation as Rebekah. They say they're ready to take on the extra brides, no matter how soon the wedding date.

They're even offering a discount for brides and bridesmaids, so long as you bring in your Alfred Angelo receipt.

"I feel terrible. This is part of their planning process. They pick the dress of their dreams and so to say you can't have it, I just can't even imagine," David's Bridal Store Manager Eileen Creedon said.

Rebekah says she and her family will keep fighting to get their money back. They've reached out to the email address on the door of the store and have also contacted their credit card company.

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