Heroin discussion gets candid at West Shore town hall

CBS 21

A town hall was held Thursday night in Cumberland County to provide answers and hope on the heroin epidemic.

"It's everywhere. It's not just in cities, it's in suburban areas. It's in urban areas. It's everywhere," Amy Green said.

The "it" she referred to is heroin. An epidemic in central PA continues to take lives.

"It's a very scary thing," Green said.

Thursday night's event in Lemoyne had people discussing the dangerous drug.

JFT Recovery and Veterans Support Services was the host. Steve Barndt, a former drug addict himself, was the organizer.

Barndt says the meeting is different than others.

"The other ones were set up mainly for an hour, and you had about 45 minutes of statistics and talking to the people, which is good. It's important. And very little time for questions and answers and direction. Ours is completely different than that," Barndt said.

Tables with information and counselors from various local organizations were available for people looking to get help for themselves or someone else.

Green was very outspoken about the epidemic.

"It's getting worse. It's is not getting better," Green said. "I'm surprised by the age group of individuals who are being introduced to heroin as well."

Green, a recovering drug addict, is especially concerned about the impact drugs will have on young people.

"I have a two-year-old daughter, and I am in so much fear as to what she will encounter," Green said.

Thursday's town hall was the first held by JFT Recovery and Veterans Support Services.

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