Gnoza Knows It | Whiskey distillery in Lebanon County?


One thing I love is places that have been closed or abandoned. Not the misfortune that accompanied that, but it's kind of eery to see a building that has been left vacant or mostly knocked down with some remnants still to be seen.

Which brings me to a question I got, "Hey Al, wasn't there a Jack Daniels plant in Lebanon County? I swear my brother told me there was one out in the farm lands out there."

There are a few remnants of the old Michter's Distillery outside of Schaefferstown.

Various accounts say it was founded in 1753 and then at some point along the line was named Michters.

It had several buildings on site but only a few survive.

I remember buying a bottle of whiskey here in 1985.

At one point it was reported to be America's oldest distillery, but that's not the case any more.

The plant closed in 1990 and sat in disrepair while the buildings were systematically demolished.

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