Gnoza Knows It | Where in Pennsylvania do five counties meet?


A lady asked me if there is a point in Pennsylvania where five counties meet. Well, there is, unless you want to split hairs on an actual point.

Geography lesson first.

In states where the land is flat the counties are pretty much drawn up like a ruler was used. Look at Iowa, lots of straight lines.

But in states like Pennsylvania settlers had to work around the geography. It is very uncommon for several counties to meet, and five is unique.

That is the case between Juniata, Perry, Dauphin, Northumberland and Snyder counties. But there isn't really one point where you can lay down and be in five counties at once. It's a small region that falls right along the Susquehanna River.

While the counties do not all meet at on perfect point, it's pretty close. Locals say you can see five counties from one spot.

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